How To Choose The Right Frame For Your Artwork

How To Choose The Right Frame For Your Artwork


Popular Types Of Frames


There is a wide range of frame colours that are available in the market and a few of them are especially popular: oak frames, black frames and white frames. These styles, when used right, can make your place finally feel like home. 


1. Oak/ Mid Teak Frames

As a natural material, wood is the most natural choice and offers a warm and classic feel. 
Natural wood fits in wonderfully well in any modern home. With the rise in flat-packed furniture and laminate flooring – particularly in pine and beech colours – has come a real swing back to natural materials to enhance the home. Natural wood gives you the best of both worlds – classic style mixed with contemporary design. 
We use Victorian Ash Oak and Mid teak, giving you two subtly different finishes to choose from.  They complement each other so beautifully! A mix Victorian Ash Oak and Mid Teak frame gives a look that is consistent, but never dull or uniform. So you can mix it up a bit to create an endlessly interesting look throughout your home.


2. Black Frames 

Placing your favourite print in a solid-coloured frame, like black, can truly accentuate the beauty when used appropriately. Black frames offer an elegant, formal look and carries a modern feel and streamlined appearance.
A black frame will highlight the darker features in your photo and act as a contrast to lighter ones. That’s why it’s best to use a photo with some light and dark tones in a black frame, in order to create a balanced look.


3. White Frames

White frames generate a similar vibe to black frames. They tend to make the darkness in photos stand out, and the light hues to blend into the background. 
Simple white frames are endlessly versatile. They work with all interior styles, wall colours, and art colours. It’s like magic.



If you’re still struggling to select a frame and size, contact us at to explore the best options for your space.

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