A white border is a few centimetres of unprinted white edges on the print, for a contemporary look once framed. Please note that we will not include a white border with your order if we do not receive any notes regarding your order.
Life In Ink

Frequently asked questions


Will a white border change my selected size?
Adding a white border to your chosen print WILL NOT change your selected poster size, it will simply add a white border around the outside of your chosen design, whilst maintaining the final size you have selected.


Will my design become smaller?
Yes, the design of the print will be made smaller to accommodate the border.


Is the white border made of cardboard?
No, it is an unprinted area surrounding your chosen design. It is part of the poster. In some instances, some parts of the artwork may be cropped out.


Are the width of white borders for all sizes the same?
White borders are not always the same size, please thoroughly review your art purchase before ordering. If you require custom size borders, please contact us before placing an order.